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German book: Schwarzwald Reloaded 3
Hardcover, 288 pages, Ulf Tietge, Lisa RudigerLanguage of the book: GermanISBN: 978-3949346019Published by team tietge Verlag on October 15, 2021Because the Black Forest has much more to offer than just the famous kirsch cake.... Baking is in vogue. Cakes, tarts, cookies and cupcakes are on everyone's lips. The fact that the Black Forest has to offer in this area incredibly much, proves television confectioner Lisa Rudiger and the Offenburger publishing house team Tietge now with their new project: In the middle of October the new homeland baking book appears as third volume of the successful cook book series Black Forest Reloaded.In addition to a detailed baking school with many valuable tips, the new Heimat-Backbuch contains recipe ideas for the entire year: from sweet surprises at Easter to the entire range of fruits that grow abundantly in the southwest to Christmas cookies and recipes that turn an ordinary November day into a real holiday. "We're all about picking up on traditions, preserving them and also thinking ahead for once," says editor Ulf Tietge. Therefore, there are classic as well as innovative recipes around the Black Forest cake as well as quickly made sweet minis, chocolaty and beschwippstes. From Mini-Guglhupf with elderflower syrup and fine rhubarb cakes to Hildabrötle and Spekulatius tart to strawberry lasagna and various cherry tarts, the book has a lot to offer for beginners as well as advanced cooks. "It is important to us that the recipes not only look good or sound good - but above all that they succeed well and safely at home," says Tietge. Therefore, there is a conscious decision not to use overly exotic ingredients or professional tools."Traditions and trends, old and new memories, comfort and warmth come together in the bakery," says Lisa Rudiger, who has not only worked as a patissier and pastry chef in some of Europe's best hotels, but has also repeatedly delighted and inspired her audience as a TV pastry chef on SWR for years.Tietge and Rudiger have collected recipes from all parts of the Black Forest for the new Black Forest Baking Book and inspired numerous ambassadors of good taste for their project. Thus, the almost 300-page work contains recipes not only from Lisa Rudiger, but also from Anja Spittel, Dorothea Steffen, Walburga Rombach, Marina Wiehl, Mireille Oster, Francesco D'Agostino and the Müller family of hoteliers from Mummelsee. About the author Lisa RudigerFor Lisa Rudiger chocolate is not just a raw material, but, as she says, it is her passion. This began in 2000 at Café Butsch. After her master craftsman's examination, she worked at the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, among other places. In 2007 she opened her own "Chocolaterie Lisa" in Titisee-Neustadt. There, chocolate masterpieces of the highest quality are created by hand with selected raw materials. The attachment to her homeland, the Black Forest, is expressed in all her products: "For my truffle varieties I use, among other things, only the best liqueurs, schnapps and fruit extracts from the region". In addition to a wide selection of her own chocolate variations, Lisa Rudiger also makes cakes, chocolates, logo bars and chocolate works of art individually according to the wishes of her customers. Since 2008, she can also be seen in the program "Coffee or Tea" on SWR television.

Praline magazine Christmas Edition 2020
The Christmas edition of the German magazine "Pralinenhobby" surprises also this time again with unusual prescriptions and all kinds of worth knowing approximately around the production of chocolate.Publication date: November 2020DIN-A4, 51 pages

German book: Noble chocolates handmade
A whole universe of flavors in a small piece of chocolate. Since 2011, Nele Marike Eble's world has revolved around nothing but hand-poured chocolate specialties and delicate praline shells, which the self-made chocolatier and certified chocolate sommelière creates with unimagined fillings in her praline manufactory.With 50 recipes, this book lays the foundation for making exceptional chocolates at home. Nele's chocolates are 100 percent handmade and live above all from unusual combinations: In addition to vanilla truffles and spiced caramel, there are also extravagant praline creations with beet and thyme or licorice with sea buckthorn."Her recipes are wonderfully understandable and offer knowledgeable and exciting explanations of the most beautiful taste explosions to make yourself." (Johannes King, 2-star chef Söl'ring Hof Sylt)"She is creative and perfectionist in the best sense - recipe development and working methods are well thought out, the end product is a delight." (Karin Steinhoff, Chocolate Sommelière) Hardcover, Paperback, 176 pages, 19,5 x 24,0 cm Eble, Nele Marike Language of the book: Germancirca 130 color photos ISBN: 978-3-517-09858-6 1st edition published on October 21, 2019 by Südwest Verlag About the authorThe chocolate career of Nele Marike Eble started with the blog "Pralinenwahnsinn" in 2011. What began as a hobby has now grown into a professional passion. Ms. Eble produces hand-poured chocolate and praline specialties for the top gastronomy, companies and also chocolate lovers all over the world in her praline manufactory Chokumi. As a member of the JRE Origins as well as a certified chocolate sommelier, she has a keen sense for culinary innovation. In recent years, she has been honored several times at the prestigious "International Chocolate Awards" for her outstanding products. She passes on her profound knowledge and her passion for chocolate to her participants in workshops as a lecturer at the Chokumi Praline School in Braunschweig. In her work, she says she is "always on the hunt for the 'Kokumi effect' that turns every piece of chocolate and every praline into a full-bodied pleasure experience."

Magazine Basic techniques of making chocolates - Karin Wiebalck-Zahn
Who always wanted to learn the high art of the production of pralines and chocolate has with this special edition of the German praline magazine "Pralinenhobby" in the DIN A4 format a comprehensive and practical reading.The educator and hobby Chocolatier Mrs. Karin Wiebalck tooth concerns itself on the approximately 96 pages with the production technology. Each step is explained in detail and with pictures.Publication date: November 2020DIN-A4, 96 pagesLanguage: GermanFrom the contents: Basic equipment praline hobby Quick pralines Tempering couverture correctly Truffle pralines Cut pralines Finished chocolates - what now? Complete table of contents as PDF (preview)

"Herzbube", heart chocolate mould
With this chocolate mold you easily pour chocolate hearts with the inscription "Herzbube". In German that means "Jack of hearts".

Sword, mini tablet chocolate mould
For beautiful castle ladies and noble knights the perfect chocolate mould and of course for everyone else.

Angel Motif sheet chocopro
Extraordinary chocolates with the motif sheet "Angel" for the chocopro system Turn your homemade chocolates into small unique pieces with a motif sheet and our chocopro system. You will be surprised how quickly you can exchange chocolate motifs. With only one magnetic mould and different motif sheets you can create new chocolate designs again and again. Our motif sheets can also be used over and over again. The motif sheet can be adapted by us for all our chocopro praline moulds. Please note that the motif sheet is not suitable for the dishwasher. It can be cleaned with warm water and a cloth. After ordering, please let us know by email for which chocopro praline mould you want the motif sheet. Application: The basic requirement is a suitable chocopro magnetic mould incl. height insert. You can get this as a set directly from our shop. Insert your desired motif sheet and the matching height insert into the magnetic mould. Afterwards you can already start with the production of your self-made chocolates with extraordinary motives.

Hello weekend motif sheet chocopro (CP01)
Extraordinary lollipop chocolates with the motif sheet "Hello weekend" for the chocopro system Turn your self-made chocolate lollies into small unique pieces with a motif sheet and our chocopro system. You will be surprised how quickly you can exchange motifs. With only one magnetic mould and different motif sheets you can create new lollipops again and again. Our motif sheet can also be used over and over again. The motif sheet is suitable for our chocopro lolly mould CP01. Please note that the motif sheet is not suitable for the dishwasher. It can be cleaned with warm water and a cloth. Application: The basic requirement is a suitable chocopro magnet form including height insert. You can get this as a set directly from our store. In this set you insert your desired motif foil and the matching height insert. Afterwards you can already start with the production of your self-made lollipops with extraordinary motives.

"Tur mir leid", heart chocolate mould
Mistakes can always happen in life. Say "sorry" with our heart chocolate mold "Tut mir leid". In German this means: "I'm sorry"


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