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Statt Blumen, heart chocolate mould
A chocolate mold for making chocolate hearts with the inscription "Statt Blumen". Which in German means instead of flowers.

Lolly round chocolate mould chocopro (CP01)
High-quality magnetic mould CP01 made of polycarbonate incl. base plate and matching height insert (PET-G) for 5 lollipops with a mould size: 275 x 175 x 24 mm. Size of a lolly: 59 x 7 mm, 5 cavities

From €50.00*
Glasses motif sheet chocopro
Extraordinary chocolates with the motif sheet "Glasses" for the chocopro system Turn your homemade chocolates into small unique pieces with a motif sheet and our chocopro system. You will be surprised how quickly you can exchange chocolate motifs. With only one magnetic mould and different motif sheets you can create new chocolate designs again and again. Our motif sheets can also be used over and over again. The motif sheet can be adapted for all our chocopro praline moulds. Please note that the motif sheet is not suitable for the dishwasher. It can be cleaned with warm water and a cloth. After ordering, please let us know by email for which chocopro praline mould you want the motif sheet. Application: The basic requirement is a suitable chocopro magnetic mould incl. height insert. You can get this as a set directly from our shop. Insert your desired motif sheet and the matching height insert into the magnetic mould. Afterwards you can already start with the production of your self-made chocolates with extraordinary motives.

Braided pattern, mini tablet chocolate mould
The braided pattern makes this chocolate mould for mini tablet a real eye-catcher.

Two hearts, chocolate mould
Two small hearts on a heart chocolate mould.


Unleash your creativity with our chocolate and silicone moulds

Moulds are our passion. In our online shop, we sell high-quality, handmade moulds with an open base for the manual production of chocolates, pralines, butter, ice cream, but also for concrete, candles, plaster, soaps and much more. Purchasing is possible for both private and commercial customers.

The product range of chocolate moulds and silicone moulds is constantly being expanded. You have not found your desired mould for tablets, lollipops, bars, pralines, concrete, resin, candles or soaps? No problem, we are also happy to create personalised moulds for you.

When developing and manufacturing our moulds for casting chocolate and other materials, we attach great importance to quality. The moulds are designed for long-term use. We only use certified PET-G, which is suitable for handling food, as the material for our chocolate moulds. When it comes to silicone moulds, we have various silicones on offer, including some that are suitable for food production.