Customized Chocolate moulds according to your wishes 

Do you have a special idea of how your chocolate mould should look like and have not been able to find it in our standard moulds? No problem, we will be happy to create a praline or chocolate mould for you, tailored to your wishes and needs. You tell us which format, weight, use and which motif your new mould should have, and we will manufacture it exactly according to your specifications, starting with a minimum order of one piece. By the way, if you need a suitable packaging, we will also help you with this. We will be pleased to support you in these points. Under our brand "Meine Formen" we develop and produce chocolate moulds, praline moulds, structure sheets and packaging according to the wishes and specifications of our customers. If you are interested in a customized chocolate mould, a praline mould of your choice or individual structure sheet, we look forward to hearing from you.

Good products need quality and care 

The quality of our products is an important concern for us. That is why our chocolate moulds are made of a plastic that is food safe. With the right care and correct handling you will enjoy our moulds for a long time. We are constantly expanding our standard range with new chocolate moulds for every occasion.