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The company "Meine Formen GmbH" creates customized chocolate and praline moulds.

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Support Ukraine Schokoladenform Support Ukraine, coin chocolate mould
The war in Ukraine and the suffering of the people move us at "Meine Formen" very much. Many of our customers have started various relief campaigns and we also want to make our contribution. For this purpose we have developed a special...
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Easter bunny chocolate bar Easter bunny chocolate tablet mould
Easter bunnies belong to Easter just like Easter eggs. With this chocolate mould you easily create chocolate tablets in the shape of a bunny.
€11.95 *
Easter Egg, Chocolate tablet Easter Egg, Chocolate tablet
With the Easter egg chocolate mould you can easily create egg chocolate bars.
€11.95 *
Structure sheet with hearts for pralines and chocolate Herzen, Strukturfolie
Mit unserer Strukturfolie "Herzen" erhalten Ihre Pralinen oder auch Bruchschokoladen das passende Dekor. Die Folie ist wiederverwendbar. Bitte reinigen Sie diese in lauwarmem Wasser und einem weichen Tuch. Die Strukturfolie ist nicht für...
€6.50 *
Structure sheet with Easter bunny for pralines and chocolates Bunny, structure sheet
With our structure sheet "Bunny" your pralines or broken chocolates get the appropriate Easter decoration. The sheet is reusable. Please clean it in lukewarm water and a soft cloth. The structure foil is not suitable for the dishwasher.
€6.50 *
Easter Egg Chocolate Tablet Chocolate Mould Easter Egg Strokes, Chocolate tablet
Create chocolate tablets in the shape of an Easter egg with this chocolate mould. Tip: Sprinkle the back of the bar with nuts, fruit or other toppings.
€11.95 *
Zellglas-Flachbeutel 60x130mm, 10 St. Cellophane bag flat for chocolate 60 x 130 mm,...
Suitable for our mini chocolates mould - our cellophane foil bags 60 x 130 mm, unprinted and crystal clear.
Content 10 Stück
€0.63 *
Motif sheet for praline mold CP02 with numbers 1-24 Numbers motif sheet for chocopro CP02
Extraordinary chocolates with the motif foil "Numbers 1-24" for the chocopro praline mold CP02 Transform your homemade chocolates into small unique pieces with a motif sheet and our chocopro system. You will be surprised how quickly you...
€8.50 *
Dosing machine for filling chocolates Praline filler, dispenser
Especially small chocolateries, cafés and confectioneries know the problem: chocolates and also pralines have to be produced and filled by hand with a lot of love and time. As soon as a larger quantity is to be produced, the effort...
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Stencil / spreading mat round for chocolates Stencil round 23 mm
This stencil is the ideal tool for making thin chocolate plates and toppers. The stencil can also be used for making chocolates with transfer foils. Compared to silicone mats from other manufacturers, this stencil made of PET-G is much...
€19.50 *
Nefertiti Chocolate mould Nefertiti chocolate mould
For all lovers of Egypt, this chocolate muold is the ideal gift. With this mould you create small Nefertiti in chocolate.
€15.50 *
Chocolate mold chocopro square Praline Mould Cube 40x39 chocopro (CP203)
High-quality magnetic mould CP203 made of polycarbonate incl. base plate and matching height insert (PET-G) for 12 cube-chocolates with a mould size: 275 x 175 x 24 mm. Size of a praline: 40 x 39 x 9 mm, 3 x 4 cavities
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