Praline filler, dispenser

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Machine type:

    • MF10129
    • 510 mm
    • 400 mm
    • 570 mm
    • 17000 g
Especially small chocolateries, cafés and confectioneries know the problem: chocolates and also... more
Product information "Praline filler, dispenser"

Especially small chocolateries, cafés and confectioneries know the problem: chocolates and also pralines have to be produced and filled by hand with a lot of love and time. As soon as a larger quantity is to be produced, the effort increases and this ties up time and thus also capital. With the dosing device "Praline Filler" it is possible to produce pralines and also chocolates semi-automatically. The advantage is obvious, because with this machine your pralines and chocolates remain handmade and you are with the production up to 100x faster than in the single production. The dosing machine "Praline Filler" is made of stainless steel and the corresponding parts can therefore be cleaned well in the dishwasher at any time. Fill yourself praline hollow bodies with liquids such as alcohol or creams in a flawless quality and fix. The dosage can be adjusted continuously. We offer the device in another variant also for chocolate and praline moulds of the company "Chocolate World Belgium". Whether pralines, chocolate or truffles with this device you turn on the turbo. By the way, we will gladly adapt your individual blisters and chocolate moulds to the praline filler. The device is also ideal for filling Advent calendars.

You have never filled pralines and truffles so quickly before

In the first step, pour the filling compound into the stainless steel funnel. Then slide your blisters or moulds into the machine on the carrier plate. With each movement of the lever, a whole row of pralines or chocolates is now produced. After use, the machine can be easily folded up, saving space in any small production room or kitchen.

Machine data

  • Dimensions approx.: 510 x 400 x 570 mm
  • Weight: approx. 17 kg
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Power consumption: 10 V
  • Hopper volume: approx. 6 l
  • Up to 7 adjustable and heatable pistons
  • 8,5 ml liquid or 11 gr. chocolate mass per stroke/nozzle
  • Swiveling nozzle units
  • Stepless dosing (1 to 8 ml per piston)
  • Dosing quantity scale
  • Easy adjustment
  • Support plate for blisters/moulds

Your advantages

  • Universally applicable for nougat, ganache and liquid couverture and similar masses
  • Suitable for all common hollow praline brands
  • Unlimited possibilities with own individual blisters and moulds from "Meine Formen GmbH" for the praline filler
  • Over 100 fillings per minute
  • Fast, exact and efficient filling of praline moulds, chocolate moulds and blisters
  • Easy cleaning and handling
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